Like 21 years ago, Paris Grand Palais opened his doors to offer us photographs displays from more than 180 well known art galleries from all around the globe. The perfect date to those who love photography, collects art, photographers and gallery owners.

Among their schedule, there were book sign rendezvous and unique pieces of art. Not to mention, thematic talks and video filming material. We are talking about major work exposition in so many formats; placed one and other differently. Black and white photos, vintage prints, hand painted papers. For sure, an artistic display that we don’t want to miss anymore and should attend with lots of patience and retrospective. Names such as “Sit Down Gallery” from Paris, “Robert Morat” from Berlin and “Louis Alexander” are some of the main actors you could find.


“(…) But photography as a spontaneous creation of the mind can be even stronger than reality (…)”

Karl Lagerfield.


The great Karl Lagerfield played the main character of the event as he guided us throughout his 200 chosen-as-favorite photos. He, who lives side by side with art and has come to affirm that photography its part of his life, once more made us all enter his visual and aesthetic world. Once more, the city of lights might be considered as the center and pioneer of art and design.

Tom Wood