Located in the New York neighborhood North Madison (that explains its name), the NoMad Hotel’s restaurant is a perfect combination of style and hospitality. Attractive from wherever point you look, it is the gastronomic proposal that you cannot miss.

Its setting reminds us of the exclusive Porcellian Club of Harvard. With chairs and tables typical of the nineteenth century, it is impossible not to be tempted to wear our best and most sophisticated clothing. The dining room is complemented by a huge library that works as a reading room and café, perfect for relaxing while one is waiting to be seated. In this way, the experience is enjoyable from the beginning.

The largest living room is characterised by having a glass roof that reveals a privileged view. However, my favourite spot is the corner where the fireplace is. For romantic lovers, this corner where red and flowers abound is ideal for a magical meal.

A feature that distinguishes NoMad is the kindness and generosity of the staff. So attentive that they make you feel like royalty.

And now to the important: the food. It is said that perfection does not exist. Well, I think those who pronounce those words have not tasted the Whole-Roasted Chicken. A plate that takes twenty minutes more than the rest, but that makes worth the wait. Accompanied by foie gras, black truffles and other delicacies, is a must of this restaurant. And if the chicken does not tempt you, no dish on the menu will disappoint you.

Now, you know. On your next trip to New York, do not forget to book your table at NoMad. I am sure it´s not going to be the last time you go.


PH: Daniel Krieger
PH: Francesco Tonelli