Any fan of fashion knows that any project that includes top models Naomi Campbell and Kate Moss is meant to be a success. What are we talking about? Vogue UK decided to invite them to join the editorial team. Now you can read articles from your favourite fashion icons.

And you thought that was all? We’re talking about Vogue! Campbell and Moss are going to work along two big players of the industry. On the one hand, the former creative director of the magazine’s American edition, Grace Coddington, who has also been one of the most influential models of the seventies. She even posed for Vogue! Without a doubt, a key piece of this new venture.

On the other hand, filmmaker Steve McQueen, director of the movies “Shame”, where we have the incredible Michael Fassbender as the lead character, and “12 Years of Slavery” winner of the Oscar for Best Picture.

We look forward to read their articles!

Grace Coddington